A prehistoric journey of discovery

Pocklington School teacher, Mrs Hughes, teaching Year 2 pupils in their classroom,  about the  Mesolithic and Neolithic periods

Children discussed the mystery behind Stonehenge as part of a special lesson about the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods delivered to Year 2 by Mrs Hughes, teacher of History.

The Senior and Prep School teacher used to work as an archaeologist and has carried out detailed studies of this prehistoric period, from which most of the evidence about how people lived is in stone artefacts.

The class thought about why structures like Stonehenge were built in a circle and the possible uses they may have had. Some children suggested it was a calendar or perhaps a place for special meetings and celebrations.

They then looked at how ancient burial sites give us clues about the past, how people lived and what was important to them. The children looked at patterns used by our Stone Age ancestors to decorate objects and monuments, then used them to create their own stone door decorative design.

Year 2 class teacher Romney Walton said: “It was a very special day which inspired us all to think hard about what motivated the people who lived in our country several thousand years ago. We learnt that being a good historian means we need to keep asking questions! Many thanks to Mrs Hughes for her very interesting lesson.”