An inspirational talk by Professor Tom McLeish: The Poetry and Music of Science

Date:                    Thursday 13 February 2020

Time:                    7.30pm   

Location:             The Music School, Pocklington School, Pocklington

Tom McLeish’s new book ‘The Poetry and Music of Science’ challenges what seems an obvious assumption that science is less creative than art and illustrates that, sometimes, the contrary can be true.  Drawing on historical and contemporary examples to provide a broader understanding, his work reveals that the ‘two cultures’ model might not be all that accurate after all.

In this talk Tom focuses on the deep entanglement between fictional writing and experimental science, starting with their common early-modern origin, and asking why Wordsworth’s vision of science-inspired poetry has not been realised. The Ars Poetica genre of Henry James’s Art of the Novel and physiologist William Beveridge’s Art of Scientific Investigation reveal another common narrative plot: the story of human creativity itself.

Tom McLeish is a Fellow of the Royal Society and an engaging and inspiring speaker. He is Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of York and former fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  He speaks around the world on how different subjects relate to each other and is considered one of the greatest living inter-disciplinarians.

After the talk, Tom will be signing copies of his book and offering them for sale at a discounted price.

To book visit email or call 01759 321200.  This event is free to attend and is open to all.

NB: A limited number of places are available. Tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.