Hannah donates hair to children's wig charity

Hannah sits in hairdressers chair at Mark Lee Hairdressing before having her long locks cut for donation to the Little Princess TrustYear 6 pupil Hannah Burt has donated her hair to help children and young people who have lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other conditions.

Hannah had 10 inches cut from her long tresses and has sent it to The Little Princess Trust to be made into a wig which will be worn by a child who has lost their own hair.

It is the second time Hannah, aged ten, has donated her hair to the charity. Two years ago she donated 12 inches of hair and raised around £350 through sponsorship. She has been growing it ever since, to help another child overcome hair loss.

Hannah, aged 10, said: “I wanted other children who are already going through so much when they’re ill to have ‘real’ hair so it’s one less thing to worry about. My mum and I looked into it a few years ago and found the Trust and I thought they would like my hair.” 

The Little Princess Trust was established in 2006 by the parents of Hannah Tarplee, who died aged five after developing kidney cancer. Hannah found it traumatic to lose her beloved hair after chemotherapy treatment and her parents established the Trust in her memory to help other young children by providing real hair wigs that can be styled. So far, the charity has provided more than 7,000 wigs and given grants of £2,800,000 to childhood cancer research.

Hannah says there are no special rules for looking after your hair if you’re growing it to donate: “You just need to take care of it as you would normally – but it must be completely chemically untreated, with no colouring or perms. You need to donate a minimum of six inches in order for the Trust to be able to use it for wig making.”

Mark Lee Hairdressing in Pocklington helped Hannah prepare her hair by separating it into four plaits, tied with bands at the top and bottom, which were then cut and posted to the Trust by Hannah’s mum. Senior stylist Kate then trimmed Hannah’s hair into a sleek, stylish bob.

Hannah is already planning to grow her hair until it’s long enough to donate again, a process she expects to take between two and three years.

Mr Tyrrell, Year 6 Prep School Teacher said: "Hannah has always been a very thoughtful child and her decision to do something so brave to raise money for charity speaks volumes about her caring for others."