Pre-School children explore life as a soldier

Pre-School children sat on a grass lawn, wearing camouflage clothing and face paintPre-School enjoyed an action-packed week when they learned about the military as part of their “Who are you?” topic which explores different occupations.

The 3-5 year-olds arrived at school in camouflage clothing, completed their transformation with some camouflage face paint - and were ready for their first mission, a game of hide and seek in the Fenwick-Smith House gardens.

Another mission – completing an army assault course – was successfully accomplished, then the young soldiers confirmed their undercover credentials by writing coded messages using wax and water.

Pre-School children sat on Pocklington School field, using binoculars to make observationsA classroom visit from Lieutenant Andrew Clark of Pocklington School’s Combined Cadet Force expanded the children’s understanding of soldiers’ responsibilities and the sort of skills and attributes they are called on to display, as well as giving them the chance to ask questions. The children also observed Fourth and Fifth Year CCF cadets on a training exercise.

Their imaginations and role-playing flair took over when they used a green screen to create their own swashbuckling jungle action movie inspired by Hollywood.

Children’s comments included:

"My dad is in the army and he wears camouflage all day" - Elizabeth

"How many countries have you worked in, Mr Clark?" asked by Flora  

"I want to be an army man" - Imogen

"My favourite was the face paint because it’s like pretty makeup" - Isabelle

Pre-School teacher Olivia Bilham said: "It was a fantastic week and we added a splash of military over all of our classroom learning opportunities. It was so wonderful to connect with the senior school CCF team and I’m sure every single pre-schooler came away inspired by what they had seen."