Prep School Choir top of class at Pontefract Music Festival

Pocklington Prep School Choir

The Prep School choir secured three first places and one second place in the prestigious Pontefract Music Festival, which attracted entrants from across the region.

The choir entered four classes and were awarded four distinctions by British and International Federation of Festivals adjudicator Sam Dunkley. The Prep School’s Head of Music and choir director, Cathie Dance, said: “Two years ago when Mr Dunkley previously adjudicated we were awarded one distinction and three merits, so this year’s result was a great improvement.”

The choir travelled to Pontefract on the last day of term and had a busy morning competing in four consecutive categories.

They were judged the best in class for Unison Singing (two contrasting songs), and the Hymn and Sacred Song class. Next came Traditional and Modern Songs, when they sang The Skye Boat Song with a flute and violin accompaniment from Holly Briggs and Hugh Bailey, with all the Year 6 pupils singing the verses as duets or trios. They were awarded a distinction and came second in class.

Pocklington Prep School choir leaders at Pontefract Festival

The final class was the Two Part Song and the choir gave its best ever performance of The Handsome Butcher to secure another first place.

Mrs Dance said: “I was delighted with this and the many other best performances that the choir made that day. How wonderful that so many parents came to Pontefract to support us and hear us singing at our very best!”

The Pontefract Music Festival, which is now in its 114th year, offers the children and adults the opportunity to develop a whole range of performance skills in front of an audience, as well as offering professional adjudication with dedicated feedback.