Prep School celebrate royal baby’s arrival in traditional style

21 numbered buns in a box, decorated with union jack ribbon to form the '21 bun salute'

Prep School pupils celebrated the birth of the new royal baby, by holding a traditional British tea party, complete with a tasty array of time-honoured treats.

Every year group and their teachers, from Pre-School to Year 6, contributed to a huge feast which included Swiss roll, Victoria sandwich, scones, strawberries, Bakewell tarts – and even a 21 Bun Salute!

All children were invited to wear red, white and blue accessories with their normal school uniform to mark the special day. Another British tradition, disappointingly damp grass, failed to mar their picnic plans, and everyone switched to the playground instead. 

Prep School pupils sat in playground, sharing cakes as part of the tea party to celebrate the arrival of the royal baby.Whilst enjoying the tea party, Head of Prep School, Mr Ian Wright, reminded pupils that they were celebrating the birth of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor – and the School joined him in raising three cheers to Prince Harry and Meghan’s new arrival.

As well as being fun to take part in, the educational idea behind the tea party was to support the work covered in PSHE lessons to develop pupils’ understanding of fundamental British values. Here are some of the comments from pupils:

"To celebrate the new baby we shared cakes!"

"We celebrated the new baby and Mr Wright told us his name!"

"It was fun to try other people's cakes"

"I felt happy being with the whole school"

Prep School teacher and pupils display their red, white and blue accessories to celebrate the arrival of the royal babyBonnie Steel, PSHE Co-ordinator, said: “It was amazing to get the whole school together to celebrate this very ‘British’ occasion. Our families never let us down as they always support our events with great enthusiasm! I took great delight in seeing our pupils share their treats with each other as well as admiring all of their creativity with red, white and blue accessories.

She continued: “It is hugely important that our children are able to embrace the heritage of the country that they live in and take every opportunity to learn about as many other cultures as they can. It is our responsibility to give them both knowledge and confidence to explore the vibrant world that we live in.”