Science projects impress at Prep School

The science behind why onions make us cry was among the fascinating science projects prepared by Prep School pupils and put on display in a special Science Fair held in the hall.

Children from Reception to Year 6 spent time during the Easter Holidays working on an aspect of science which interested them. Their beautifully-presented projects included investigations into Which ball bounces the highest? and Can you slow down cooling? as well as delving deeper into topics covered in lessons.

Many of the entries to the project challenge came from members of the Prep School’s popular Science Club, when children explore scientific theories in exciting practical – and sometimes messy - experiments.   

The 30 entries were an impressive reflection of the inquiring minds of the young scientists in our midst and drew admiration from parents and visitors who were invited to inspect them in the hall. It was lovely to welcome back former Senior School Chemistry teacher David Dyson, along with Claire Bell and Sarah Davies from the Biology Department, who marvelled at the high standard of the presentations.

Children who entered a project have been invited to talk about their work at Pocklington Prep School Science lectures on 11th June.

Prep Teacher Lizzie Kennedy said: "I was so delighted with the wonderful projects that the pupils submitted. It's great to see the children experimenting, testing and using their scientific knowledge to make their own discoveries."