Seussical the Musical

Pocklington School Musical Theatre Society presents Seussical the MusicalThe Pocklington School Musical Theatre Society recently bought a large number of younger students into the world of musical theatre by performing children's favourite 'Seussical' over three nights in the school's Music Hall. 

Director of Music, Martin Kettlewell reviews the performance:

Seussical is a lively, energetic and colourful whirlwind of a musical; an amazingly silly and irreverent collection of larger than life characters, bold designs, costumes, and catchy songs. The audience are quickly drawn into the wonderfully vivid world of Dr Seuss, his wild imagination captured perfectly by a multi-talented cast in a technicoloured world.

It would take an age to highlight each individual’s performance, however, some stood out from the company. As The Cat in the Hat, Kobby Fofie unifies the show with his impeccable comedic timing and characterisation, whilst both narrating and partaking in the action. His character is one that the audience immediately comes to love. Hattie Cobb is also energetic as the young and imaginative JoJo, whose performance is a joy to watch. And as the adorable Horton the Elephant, Zac Stewart could not possibly be more sincere, especially in reminding the audience with the refrain that “a person’s a person, no matter how small.” My personal highlights were Fiona Tilsed’s performance as The Sour Kangaroo, who blew me away with her awesome vocal gymnastics, along with the contrasting characters of Mayzie (the flamboyant Lexi Jagger) and Gertrude (the sweet and sincere Grace Gallen).

Pocklington School Musical Theatre Society presents Seussical the Musical

Others worthy of mention would be the quirky Mr & Mrs Mayor, played by Louis Toulmin and Niamh Clements, the three bird girls who commented on the action throughout the show and provide the audience with musical and visual insights into the action (Isadora Philip, Izzie Watson & Anna Wraith), and two incredible acrobats! (Louisa Chacksfield & Daisy Luckett).

Overall, directors Ellie Harrison and Freya Stewart and the entire cast and crew should be very proud of having created such an uplifting and enjoyable piece of musical theatre that is memorable for all the right reasons.


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