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    Boarding Options

    We are a full boarding school and offer our full boarders a rich weekend programme of outings and activities.

    All boarders also have a dedicated programme of after school activities which are not available to our day pupils. Full boarding fees for pupils in Years 4-9 include all weekend outings and activities. Boarders in Year 10 and above can choose whether or not to participate in an outing or activity away from school and are charged extra for these trips.

    We also offer more flexible packages to fit in with specific family requirements. Some more local families may prefer 5-night (weekly) boarding, while some families may simply want access to boarding on a more occasional basis to support parental or pupil work and travel commitments.

    Full Boarding

    Pupils live in school for 7 days a week during term time. Only going home or to guardians for exeats, holidays and other special occasions.

    Boarding has hugely helped my studies and results, as the teachers on site, are always happy to help and offer advice regarding my subjects and my UCAS options. I have become much more confident and relaxed as a person, and I love interacting with people from different parts of the world. I know these new social skills will make me more successful at university and also when I get a job that involves international business. The school wifi system is excellent so communication with home and academic research is easy.

    Full Boarding – Feedback From A Current Pupil

    5-Night (Weekly) Boarding

    Pupils live in school Monday to Friday going home at weekends after Saturday games for Pocklington School pupils or after school on Fridays for Prep pupils.

    I have really enjoyed my time boarding at Pocklington School and feel it has made me a more self-motivated individual both at home and in my academic studies. I became a weekly boarder to save time travelling to and from school and even now I live nearer, I am still a boarder. In the boarding house it is very easy to get subject support and with all the academic and free time facilities there is always something productive and enjoyable to do. Being a boarder has improved my communication skills and has made a more independent person which will certainly help when living away from home during my university years.

    Weekly Boarding – Feedback From A Current Pupil

    Flexible Boarding

    Pupils elect to regularly spend the same 2 to 4 weekday nights as boarders. This option is subject to availability of beds in the appropriate boarding house. Full and weekly boarders have preference over flexible/casual boarding applicants.

    Flexible boarding has become an integral part of and has enhanced our experience at Pocklington School. Our son, a current fifth former, has been an occasional boarder for the last two years and has thoroughly enjoyed himself and been welcomed wholeheartedly into the boarding community each time he has stayed. We live locally and never considered boarding as an option, it simply wasn’t necessary. I was then offered the chance to travel with my husband for three weeks and after much discussion and soul searching plus lots of guilty feelings we put short term boarding to our son as an option. He leapt at the chance and afterwards declared that it had been fabulous and that he would do it again in a heartbeat!

    He then approached us and asked if we would consider weekly boarding and after discussion with Mr Dare our son boarded during the week of GCSE mocks. We were reluctant as surely this was the time our son needed us around most? We should be on hand day and night, hovering with revision note cards and offering our moral support. In reality he was in the best place possible with teachers on hand to offer specialist guidance and the work ethic in the boarding house was strong and motivating. His results were excellent. So much so that he has requested to board during his real GCSEs this summer his rational being that it will keep him focussed, he can ask for help when he needs it and he will be in exam mode without the distractions of home. Plus we are always at the end of the telephone and a short drive away for that moral support.

    We have been astonished by just how flexible boarding at Pocklington School can be, they really will try to accommodate any situation. Modern boarding is not simply for families that live far away, it can work for any family no matter how close by. The boarding staff are approachable, caring and determined that all the young people in their care get the very most from their time from boarding at Pocklington School.

    Flexible Boarding – Feedback From A Current Parent

    Casual Boarding

    Pupils board on an occasional/ad-hoc basis at a frequency below that of a Flexible Boarder not necessarily on the same weekday nights each time. This option is subject to availability of bed space in the appropriate house. Full and weekly boarders have preference over flexible/casual boarding applicants.

    We wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the team at Fenwick-Smith Boarding House in supporting us with extended boarding of our son during his GCSE year. It is brilliant having the extended boarding facility available to us even though we live locally. The general perception is that boarding is only useful for students who are from out of town or overseas, but as locals living in Pocklington, we have found the facilities invaluable.

    Our family needs flexibility that extended boarding offers, since as part of our employment we travel throughout the UK and internationally on an ad hoc basis. Whilst we don’t need the boarding facilities on a full time basis, formalising the days brings stability and structure to our son’s week. He also has further academic support available to him which we are not able to offer at home.

    He is enjoying the focus and discipline the two nights a week bring to his homework patterns and academic study. He is developing greater independence in his approach to learning which is excellent grounding for A-Levels and beyond. It has been such a success for him and ourselves thus far that we are considering applying for him to board for the term that he will be writing the GCSE exams to ensure that he is supported and encouraged throughout the exam period.

    Thank you once again for accommodating us at very short notice on occasion and the continued excellent service that you provide.

    Casual Boarding – Feedback From A Current Parent

    Extended Day Boarding

    Pupils are assigned to the age appropriate boarding house and may join boarders for breakfast before school starts and also join boarders for meals, study and boarding activities before going home at around 8.00 p.m. Casual options of between 1 and 3 nights per week are also available for Extended Day Boarders.

    We recognise that every family has different needs so do contact us to talk things through.

    Mr  L E McKell – Boarding and Pastoral Coordinator