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    Forces Families

    Pocklington School is proud of its long association with the Armed Forces.

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    Many of our former pupils have gone on to distinguished careers in the Services and a number of our boarding staff are uniquely placed to offer sensitive support to the Forces families who choose our school. This is because they themselves were once Forces children, or have in their adult life served in the Armed Forces, or may currently have children of their own or other members of their extended family who are serving.

    We understand what being on active service or on constant training deployments can mean for the whole family, and we work hard to provide reassurance for the whole family in these trying times. First class IT enables easy communication with mums and dads wherever they are, and we are very flexible about facilitating family visits or weekend breaks to fit around leave during term time.

    Our excellent boarding houses are staffed by dedicated teams, who are trained, vocationally driven and constantly striving to mirror the kindness and patience that a parent would give. We give equal time and quality of care to the Prep School child who needs a story and tucking in at bedtime as to the Upper Sixth student who wants to talk frankly about the sometimes daunting challenges of being a young adult.

    Pocklington School is co-educational for children aged 3 to 18, so siblings can remain at the same school throughout their education. Boarding starts at the age of 7, in Year 3.

    Pocklington School is accredited for the Forces Continuity of Education Allowance, this combined with our outstanding pastoral care, competitive fees, acceptance of childcare vouchers and a 10% discount for MOD boarders will allow many more serving parents and their children to join our kind, family friendly community.

    Next steps: how to apply

    Our Admissions team would be delighted to answer any questions you may have or arrange a visit to the school:

    For Pocklington School, ages 11- 18 please contact Mrs Lambert on or 01759 321200

    For Prep School, ages 3 – 11 contact Miss Milsom on or call 01759 321228.

    Both Miss Milsom and Mrs Lambert are very experienced and knowledgeable admissions secretaries who will support you at all stages of the application and admissions process. Additionally, they will be able to arrange taster sessions for you and put you in touch with one of our existing Forces families so that you can have an informal chat.

    Further Information

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