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    Outside The Classroom

    All pupils are encouraged to take part in co-curricular activities. Pocklington School provides a supportive and safe environment in which pupils are encouraged to develop individual interests and to explore new avenues.

    Lower School pupils (Years 7 and 8) follow a structured programme of activities to introduce them to new experiences. As individuals move up through the school they are encouraged to assume more responsibility for their own choices and act as leaders to younger pupils.

    Participation in co-curricular activities helps pupils to experiment, to build self-confidence, to stay fit, to hone leadership and teamwork skills, as well as providing an opportunity to relax and have fun with their friends.

    They have a choice from a wide range of activities including sport, music, drama, community action, and the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). Pocklington School also participates in the Young Enterprise competition and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. There are also opportunities to contribute to the life of the school as prefects, mentors, subject assistants, sports coaches or by helping to run a club or society.

    Please click the link below for the most recent handbook of Activities Beyond the Classroom

    Activities Handbook

    Colours Award System

    The purpose of the Colours Award System is to recognise and reward excellence of performance and to enhance what already happens in sporting, and co-curricular activities. To preserve the integrity of this aim, it is essential that students see the award of Colours as being an achievement of distinguished and outstanding merit.

    The emphasis is on an individual student’s achievement (albeit in a team or group activity), not a team or group achievement. Thus it is not expected that Colours would be awarded to every member of a team or group, even though that team or group may have achieved excellence. In such circumstances, recognition would be given to those individuals within the team or group who made a significant contribution to the team or group outcome. The awarding of Colours will also take into account aspects of the student’s behaviour; such as attitude, commitment, dedication, sportsmanship, etc. as well as the level of competition. While many of these awards will be automatic once the level of achievement has been reached, the Headmaster has absolute discretion in awarding Colours.

    The criteria used in the nomination process for awarding Colours are outlined in the link below.

    Criteria for Awarding Colours

    Timetabled Co-curricular Activities (Community Action and CCF)

    Thursday afternoons are set aside for time-tabled co-curricular activities which are compulsory up to the end of Fifth Year (Age 15+) but involve increasing levels of individual choice as pupils approach the sixth form. Lower sixth formers can choose to participate either in the Community Action Programme or in the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). Time-tabled activities are not compulsory in the upper sixth form but many upper sixth students voluntarily choose to participate.
    The Community Action programme allows lower sixth form students to take their many and varied talents out to the wider community, in the service of those who welcome some support. There are a number of options within the programme including:
    Helping out at local primary schools including Pocklington Prep School
    Social visits to senior citizens or less mobile residents of Pocklington in local day centres or retirement homes
    Visits to the Sue Ryder Home at Holme on Spalding Moor and to King’s Mill School, Driffield
    Producing a talking newspaper for the blind
    The conservation group

    Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

    We have our own purpose designed CCF centre on the school campus.

    In the Fourth Year

    Membership of the CCF is compulsory but pupils can opt for either Army or RAF sections. The following core activities are common to both sections:

    • Drill
    • Infantry training
    • Inter-platoon competitions
    • Navigation
    • Personal survival
    • Skill at Arms
    • Adventurous training

    In addition to the above RAF cadets have the opportunity to participate in:

    • RAF Station visits
    • Air experience flying at RAF  Linton on Ouse
    • Aviation Training package and Ground School  and Gliding at RAF Topcliffe

    In the Fifth Year

    Pupils can choose whether to remain in the CCF. The Fifth Year CCF programme builds on the basic proficiency training through a flexible programme of advanced proficiency activities including:

    • Signals training
    • Advanced infantry training
    • Canoeing/wind-surfing/sailing at Allerthorpe Lakeland Park
    • Range firing at Strensall and indoor range target shooting.
    • Personal survival
    • Climbing
    • First Aid

    To enhance the training programme various training and activity weeks are run and are open to both Fourth and Fifth Year pupils.