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    Welcome from the Head of Pocklington Prep School

    I believe that a child’s first experiences of school are crucial to equip them with the skills and confidence to try new things.


    I believe that the first experiences of school are crucial to instil a love of learning. Through positive experiences in and out of the classroom, we equip children with the skills and confidence to try new things.

    Mr Ian Wright, Head of Pocklington Prep School

    Small classes are important to create a safe and caring atmosphere so that learning is purposeful and enjoyable. We encourage exploration, curiosity and achievement within an environment specially designed for younger students.

    To progress through school and into the wider community beyond, a strong foundation of key skills is essential, so we emphasise the importance of reading, writing and maths. Alongside these, all our children are fully involved in a broad range of subjects and topics, giving everyone the opportunity to find areas in which they excel.

    An important feature of a Pocklington education is the opportunity to take part in co-curricular activities. These run at lunchtime, after school and on Saturday mornings and allow children to experiment and develop individual interests, as well as learn how to work together as a team.

    My aim is to inspire a love for learning in each and every child, building self-esteem and confidence thus enabling them to take advantage of the opportunities ahead of them and make the most of their personal potential. It’s a privilege to share in their enthusiasm and see the friendships that form and grow as they go through the school.

    The best way to see how this happens is to come  and meet the children and staff who make our school special. Please get in touch to arrange your visit.

    I look forward to welcoming you soon.

    Ian Wright BSc